Lighting Design Services

At Western PA Landscape Lighting, we specialize in creative, balanced lighting designs that illuminate and enhance all types and styles of landscapes and building architecture. We have illuminated stone mansions, cottages, waterfront homes, boat docks, cedar, brick and stucco homes that range in size from 750 to 36,000 square feet. Your home will be transformed into a neighborhood showplace and provide security and safety for your family.

We also specialize in illuminating areas that are difficult to light. Waterfalls, fountains, outdoor living areas, upper roof areas, sculptures, and driveways can be a challenge to others, but at Western PA Landscape Lighting, these difficult challenges are our specialty. We are experts at centralized dimming of your outdoor project and outdoor LED lighting.

We invite you to take a look at our lighting portfolio to see the work we have done and the potential for your own home or place of business. Contact us today to discuss your needs.