Brand & Manufacturers

Here in the Northeastern part of the county, we find ourselves in one of the most challenging environments for outdoor lighting fixtures.  The cycling of freezing and thawing temperatures, acid rain and snow, and physical damage from animals can be hard on outdoor fixtures.  All it takes is a household pet to damage some inferior aluminum and sheet copper products planted in the ground with plastic stakes.

At Western PA Landscape Lighting, all of our products are manufactured from solid machined brass, stainless steel, and copper stakes and sold cast bronze bodies, and stainless steel stake mounts.

Compare our products to those of our competitors.  We welcome it.  You will find that we have superior products every time.

Some of the outstanding brands we use are:

  • auroralight_

    Lifetime damage warranty

  • bk-lighting_


    Top of the line architectural grade fixtures

  • focus-lighting_


    Best underwater line of fixtures

  • teka-illumination_

    Outdoor Bollard fixtures

  • dreamscape-lighting_

    Dreamscape Lighting

    In-wall architecture fixtures

  • Vision3_

    Vision 3

    Solid cast brass machined products with Terralux LED technology

  • cast-lighting_


    Solid cast bronze construction with Terralux LED technology