All About LED Lighting Fixtures

True architectural LED fixtures are solid state devices constructed inside architectural grade components (body & lens) that are comprised of an electronic driver and an LED chip. They never require relamping because there is no bulb (lamp). The best fixtures utilize American made drivers and CREE XPG and XPL chips, which earn the highest ratings for technical performance . LED Energy usage is approximately 10% to lumen output of their halogen counterpart.  LED retrofit lamps in halogen fixtures should never be used in any new lighting project. They were designed for use in existing fixtures where owners did not want to incur the expense of changing to new light fixtures. Contrary to popular belief, most architectural LED fixtures can be purchased in color temperature ranges from 2400k (very warm – white) to 5600k (blue/white). All of our designs and installations utilize 2400k to 2900k temperature range (very warm white).  All LED solid state fixtures should have built in surge & lighting protection. Don’t be fooled into purchasing dinosaur fixtures by companies trying to sell you halogen fixtures with LED lamps.